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Latest Episode Atrial Fibrillation: Gray Matters Segment

January 18, 2023 | by Dr. Nick Villano, Dr. Ali Trainor, Dr. Jason Matos, Dr. Greg Katz, Dr. Pooja Jagadish, Dr. Patrick Georgoff, Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi and Dr. Jason A. Freed | Graphic: Josie Levey | Audio: Daksh Bhatia | Peer Review: Mike Dunleavy, Susan Mcilvaine

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Hope: At the Bedside Segment

November 23, 2022 | by Dr. Jafar Al-Mondhiry, Dr. Tamar Schiff, Dr. Margot Hedlin and Dr. Robert Arnold | Graphic: Dr. Michael Shen | Audio: Daksh Bhatia

Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis: 5 Pearls Segment

November 9, 2022 | by Dr. Sean Burke, Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi, Dr. Elliot Tapper, Dr. Kavish Patidar, Dr. Martin Fried and Dr. Indira Bhavsar-Burke | Graphic: Dr. Sam Woodworth | Audio: Daksh Bhatia | Peer Review: Dr. Alan Bonder, Dr. Nikhilesh Mazumder

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5 Pearls

Solidify 5 applicable, relevant pearls on an Internal Medicine topic! We incorporate active learning strategies, such as pre-podcast quizzing, purposeful pauses as well as intentional repetition. The last pearl of some of the podcasts will review a take away from a prior podcast for spaced repetition.Β 

Mind the Gap

These thoughtful insights will take you deeper into the evidence – or lack thereof – for common IM practices to tackle knowledge gaps and challenge dogma.


Challenge yourself to solve diagnostically difficult cases, and hear from experienced clinicians who will be trying to solve them with you in real time. Then, join Dr. John Hwang and Dr. Cindy Fang on the hunt for bits of wisdom — clinical pearls, reasoning techniques, rules of thumb, diagnostic schema — cognitive tools that might be helpful for your next patient!

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Bite-sized teaching points in an interactive slide deck.

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Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi

Shreya is a founding member of Core IM Podcast. She produces and co-hosts various segments for Core IM, and leads all aspects of the organization. She is an internist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

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Dr. Martin Fried

Vice Executive Producer
Marty is a founding member of Core IM Podcast. He produces and co-hosts various segments for Core IM. He is a primary care physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

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Sofia Kennedy

CME Operations
Sofia is a logistics specialist and helps behind the scenes with the production of episodes. She is a pharmacy student at the University of Cincinnati.

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Dr. Mike Shen

Producer and Digital Artist
Michael is an artist and Clinical Director of the Primary Care Safety Net at Woodhull Hospital.

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Dr. Sean Burke

Chief Operations Officer
Sean leads Core IM's operations and assists with the production of podcasts for publication. He is currently a hospitalist at University Hospitals.

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