Welcome to CORE IM, a consortium of educators aligned to create internal medicine-specific portable learning tools in the form of podcasts, corresponding show notes and illustrations.  Our goal is to help today’s busy clinician synthesize and consolidate important teaching points. The podcast will deliver high-yield digestible content on various clinically relevant internal medicine topics that can be easily incorporated into demanding schedules.

To start, Core IM will have two formats with episodes released bi-weekly on Wednesdays:

5 Pearls Podcast

This 15-20 minute segment will bring you five applicable, evidence-based pearls on a core IM topic. This brainchild of Dr. Shreya P Trivedi and Dr. Marty Fried will incorporate active learning by quizzing listeners at the beginning of the podcast.  We will review the evidence behind each pearl and discuss how to incorporate them into your practice.  Each podcast will also review clinical pearls from prior podcasts to boost retention over time.  Upcoming topics include approach to headaches, guideline-based review of iron deficiency anemia and pathophysiology and management of hepatic encephalopathy.

Mind the Gap Podcast

This 10 to 15-minute segment will explore common practices in Internal Medicine and ask the question “Why do we do what we do?”.   Dr. Steven Liu and Dr. Janine Knudsen’s cozy banter and thoughtful insights will take you deeper into the evidence – or lack thereof – for common IM practices to tackle knowledge gaps and challenge dogma. Look forward to hearing about why do we do paracentesis for cirrhotics on admission and why we dose albumin the way we do for hepatorenal syndrome.

There are several other formats currently under development that we hope to roll out in the coming months.  To ensure the accuracy of our information, all podcasts have been peer-reviewed by subspecialty experts in their respective fields.  Our inaugural podcast will debut next week.  We are excited to showcase our hard efforts over the last year!


CORE IM team:

Executive Producer: Shreya P. Trivedi, MD (@ShreyaTrivediMD)

Five Pearls Producer: Marty Fried, MD (@Marty_Fried)

Mind the Gap Producer: Steve Liu, MD

Advisors: Neil Shapiro MD, John Hwang MD, Vincent Santillo MD

Podcast editing and technical set-up: Harit Shah and Steven Liu MD

Director of Sound Design, Theme song: Shaun Finnegan

Artistic director: Dr. Mike Natter (@mike_natter)