Slide 1: Diabetic neuropathy

Slide 2: Back to Basics. Presentation: Usually: a symmetrical polyneuropathy of the distal extremities (in other words: a stocking-glove distribution!) Often, sensory deficits are more pronounced than motor deficits. Onset: On average, about a decade into disease. Other factors influencing the emergence of neuropathy: HbA1C levels.

Slide 3: Treatment Modalities? TCAs: amitriptyline. Capsaicin cream. SNRIs: duloxetine, venlafaxine. Anticonvulsants: pregabalin, gabapentin, valproate. Get to the point: Many pharmacological therapies to choose from. With few trials comparing efficacy to each other, Rx on a patient-to-patient basis based on treatment side effects!


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