Slide 1: Cardiac arrest team! 10 east, room 27! Stat!!

Slide 2: Compressions started! Pads placed! Rhythm strip shows: [rhythm strip]. What do you do?

Slide 3: Shock! Return of spontaneous circulation! Code complete!

Slide 4: You get a 12-lead. [EKG] So…uh…what’s the diagnosis, doc?

Slide 5: Let’s review: Wellens’ syndrome criteria: history of angina (but often chest-pain free on presentation), T-wave changes (V2-V4: inversions OR biphasic), no precordial q-waves, no loss of precordial R-wave progression.

Slide 6: Later that day, at the cath lab…[cath image] Whoa! A proximal LAD artery stenosis!

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