Slide 1: Q: Use of “whippits” has been associated with what neurologic symptoms?

Slide 2: A: Peripheral neuropathy!

Slide 3: Whippits refer to nitrous oxide (N2O) that is inhaled recreationally. They are commonly acquired from small canisters of pressurized, food-grade N2O designed for use in whipped cream dispensers (hence the name: “whip its”).

Whippits provide users with a quick, short-lived high. Despite the transient nature of the drug’s psychological effects, there are sequelae to long-term whippit use.

Slide 4: Nitrous oxide binds, oxidizes, and inactivates vitamin B12. In patients with heavy and prolonged whippit use (defined in case studies as daily use of 1-20 cartridges for 1-6 months), this can result in functional B12 deficiency, manifesting as macrocytic anemia and peripheral neuropathy.


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