Episode Outline

  1. Disconnection/connection: Patients
  2. Disconnection/connection: Family/friends 
  3. Disconnection: Security, Certainty
  4. Connection: Other clinicians
    • Sharing fears, supporting each other)
    • Shared ethos in healthcare (one workforce, no division of specialty or hierarchy) 
  5. Conclusion: Post-traumatic growth / Peri-Traumatic Growth

Thank you to everyone we interviewed, particularly to the voices you heard:

Dr. Kimberly Manning (@gradydoctor)

Dr. John Hwang (Hoofbeats segment)

Dr. Steve Liu (Mind the Gap segment)

Dr Katherine Arthur

Dr. Maria Garcia-Jimenez

Dr. Kelsey Luoma


Dr. Margot Hedlin (@MargotHedlin) – Introduction and Ending

Dr. Tamar Schiff

Dr. Michael Shen

Dr. Jafar Al-Mondhiry (@mondhiry)

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