Slide 1: March 25th is Physicians’ Call to Action. The Medical Committee for Human Rights (1964-1980s) was a diverse group of over 100 volunteer physicians, nurses, and social workers who served as the medical arm of Civil Rights movement during the Freedom Summer in 1965 as the growing resistance toward the peaceful movement was met with violence from both legal authorities and civilians.

Slide 2: They provided emergency medical and psychiatric services to civil rights activities on the front lines (even trailing Dr. King during his March through Selma). They also provided alternative services opposing the segregated medical care during the period.

Slide 3: Martin Luther King Jr. addressed the Medical Committee for Human Rights at their annual convention on March 25, 1966. This addressed symbolized the relationship between health equity and the Civil Rights movement.

The organization eventually became inactive, but served as a model for present day organizations such as Physicians for Human Rights.

“What are you doing today to promote equity in healthcare?”

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