Slide 1: What is the labeled object on this chest radiograph?

Slide 2: A nasogastric (NG) tube. What is it used for? 1. Aspiration of stomach contents. 2. Enteral access for medications. 3. Enteral access for feeding.

Slide 3: Is it correctly positioned? Identify the following to systematically confirm placement of an enteric tube: 1. CXR extends below the diaphragm. 2. Tube enters the thorax in the midline. 3. Tube bisects the carina. 4. Tube extends below the diaphragm in the midline. 5. Tip of tube is in the stomach (10 cm past the GE junction).

Slide 4: How is this enteric tube different?

Slide 5: This is a Dobhoff tube. A Dobhoff tube is a thinner tube which is thus better tolerated by patients. It can be used for medications and feeding, however due to its smaller caliber it cannot be used for aspiration.

The thicker weighted tip is a distinguishing feature on x-ray.

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