Slide 1: What is the labeled object on this chest radiograph?

Slide 2: This is an endotracheal tube. What is it used for? Mechanical ventilation: 1. Inadequate oxygenation. 2. Failure of ventilation. 3. Airway protection.

Slide 3: Is it correctly positioned? The tip of the endotracheal tube should terminate 3 to 5 cm above the carina with the neck in a neutral position. Alternative landmarks if the carina is not visible: 1. at or just past the level of the aortic arch. 2. Overlying the T3 vertebra

Slide 4: How does the neck movement change ETT position? Neutral. Extension. Flexion. The ETT tip follows the chin and can be displaced up to 2 cm by neck movement. Neck extension moves the ETT away from the carina. Neck flexion moves the ETT toward the carina.

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