Slide 1: December 21. Its’s National Crossword Puzzle Day! Download out Core IM crossword puzzle and challenge your skills!

Graphic with empty crossword puzzle.

Down. One. These thoughtful insights will take you deeper into the evidence – or lack thereof – for common IM practices to tackle knowledge gaps and challenge dogma. Five. Challenge yourself to solve diagnostically difficult cases, and hear from experienced clinicians who will be trying to solve them with you in real time. Seven. Fill in the blank. I listen to Core IM in order to blank blank. Eight. Solidifies 5 applicable relevant topics. Ten. Numbers got you down?

Across. Two. Practice your radiology skills. Three. Fill in the blank. Instead of taco Tuesdays, we host blank Tuesdays. Four. Practice your EKG skills. Six. Hungry for medical ethics? Nine. Discusses humanities topics that reach beyond traditional evidence-based medicine and delves into the ethics and emotions that come with practicing medicine. Eleven. They say ultrasound might become the new stethoscope.

Slide 2: Answer key. Down. One. Mind the gap. Five. Hoofbeats. Seven. Stay sharp. Eight. Pearls. Ten. Stats. Across. Two. Reading room. Three. Trivia Tuesday. Four. Lead Thursday. Six. Food for thought. Nine. At the bedside. Eleven. Focus POCUS.

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