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HFpEF: 5 Pearls Segment

June 5, 2024 | by Dr. Rati Vani, Dr. Jennifer Ho, Dr. Ravi Patel, Dr. Emily Lau and Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi | Graphic: Dr. Jesse Powell, Dr. Michelle Lo | Peer Review: Dr. Greg Katz, Dr. Randy Goldberg, Dr. Snehal Bhatt

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors & IRAEs 101: 5 Pearls Segment

May 22, 2024 | by Dr. Anuranita Gupta, Dr. Narjust Florez, Dr. Allison Betof Warner, Dr. Benjamin Schlechter and Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi | Graphic: Dr. Cathy Cichon | Audio: Daksh Bhatia | Peer Review: Dr. Hollis Viray, Dr. Tian Zhang

Β Β  Time Stamps Pearl 1: Mechanism of checkpoint inhibitors and their adverse events Pearl 2: Organ systems affected by IRAEs…Read full post

Cardiorenal Considerations: 5 Pearls Segment

May 13, 2024 | by Dr. Andrew Ling, Dr. Nayan Arora, Dr. Nicole Bhave and Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi | Graphic: Dr. Rahul Maheshwari | Peer Review: Dr. Larissa Kruger Gomes, Dr. Nisha Bansal

Time Stamps Pearl 1: Make sure the renal dysfunction is not from something else Pearl 2: Practical tidbits on loop…Read full post

Iron Deficiency Treatment: Video Interviews

April 28, 2024 | by Dr. Maria J. Fernandez Turizo, Dr. Michael Auerbach, Dr. Nick Villano, Dr. Jason A. Freed and Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi | Audio: Dr. Alice Kennedy

Rhythm Control In Afib: 5 Pearls Segment

April 24, 2024 | by Dr. Hanna Knauss, Dr. Eric Prystowsky, Dr. Rachita Navara, Dr. Shu Yang, Dr. Abhi Gami and Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi | Graphic: Dr. Preeyal Patel | Audio: Daksh Bhatia | Peer Review: Dr. Henry Huang, Dr. Robert Knotts

Time Stamps Pearl 1 – Rhythm control Pearl 2 – Electrical cardioversion Pearl 3 – Class III antiarrhythmics and side…Read full post

Inhaler Delivery Systems: Whiteboard Animation Video

April 14, 2024 | by Alexandra Sheridan, Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi and Dr. Sean Burke | Graphic: Alexandra Sheridan | Audio: Alexandra Sheridan | Peer Review: Dr. Ali Trainor, Dr. Luke Hedrick, Dr. Sean Burke, Dr. Shreya Trivedi, Dr. Vickie Kassapidis

Asthma Management and the MANDALA Trial: Beyond Journal Club with NEJM Group

April 10, 2024 | by Dr. Julie R. Barzilay, Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi, Dr. Clem Lee and Dr. Greg Katz | Graphic: Dr. Jimin Hwang | Audio: Dr. Shreya P. Trivedi, Dr. Yichi Zhang | Peer Review: Dr. Darren B. Taichman, Dr. Jeffrey M. Drazen

Time Stamps Evolving story of asthma management Pathophysiology of asthma management Key players & terms Story of asthma through the…Read full post