Come join us at Core IM

We are always looking to add to our Core IM team! We welcome proactive and thoughtful individuals to join our community. You will work alongside attendings, residents, and medical students from around the country. Roles that you can fill:


Podcast Content Editor

Responsibilities: Helps shape and gives constructive feedback on the outlines and scripts for a clinical topic in the production process. Estimated time: ~5-10 hours/month.
Candidate: Can decipher for good vs. compelling content for a clinical topic, is insightful and thoughtful in organizing clinical pearls, can critically appraise literature, attentive to details, likes to collaborate with teams and proactive, isΒ a Resident, attending or practicing clinician

Off-Air Podcast Producers

Responsibilities: Passionate about a clinical topic and intimately involved with the production process (research, outline, interview experts, script writing and peer-review). Estimated involvement: ~20-30hrs/episode over a few months.
Candidate: Critically appraises literature, can decipher for good vs. compelling content for a clinical topic, is insightful and thoughtful in organizing clinical pearls, a self-starter, likes to collaborate with teams and attentive to details

Content Editor (Bytes)

Responsibilities: Review Bytes in draft for content clarity, accuracy, and educational impact. Estimated involvement ~1-2 hours/week.
Candidate: We are looking for clinicians at the resident level and above. Students with a particular eye for critically appraising literature may be considered. Candidates should be able to at provide constructive criticism.

Graphic Artist (Bytes)

Responsibilities: Create visually appealing Bytes based on pre-developed content. Work with our content creators and editors to develop high quality content for online posts. Estimated involvement ~2-3 hours/week.
Candidate: Candidates should have basic experience in graphic design, ideally with Adobe Illustrator. Medical background strongly preferred but not necessary. Candidates should be open to receiving and incorporating feedback.

Web Designer

Core IM is looking to refresh its website. If you have any experience in web design and willing to help, please reach out!

Content Creator (Bytes)

We are always looking for fresh authors for our Bytes. If you have a compelling teaching point or interested in working off of our content ideas, we would love to work with you. You develop the content, we create the graphics. You would work alongside our directors to develop teaching Bytes. We start off our content creators as guest authors with the option to become a regular contributor over time.

You can become a contributing author for any of the following series: 12 Lead Thursday, Trivia Tuesday, Reading Room, Stats With Core IM. We also welcome ideas for new series, and are in the process of developing a series based around quick teaching pearls.


Have other thoughts on how you could change the world of online med ed? Reach out to us with your ideas!

How do I sign up?

Email if you are interested – please include your CV, a blurb about yourself, and how you can add to the Core IM team.